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White water kayaking is one of our favourite sessions. We are kayakers at heart, and love to teach other people. The excitement of boucying through waves, sliding down drops and exploring the river is second to none.  But what we realised was that many people wanted to try White water kayaking, but were concerned about being stuck in the kayak upside down.  


So to ensure safety and to remove worries we use specialist white water sit on top kayaks. They have all the perfomance of a normal white water kayak, but you sit on it. So its more stable, you cant get stuck in it, and if you do fall in then you just flip it over and climb back on.

This basically means your white water kayak session is much more full of paddling the white water, and we can enjoy more challenges in a safer way.


All kit, and instruction is included, all you need to do is bring a towel, old trainers and swimwear for under a wetsuit.

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If you want to learn skills or improve your kayaking, then check out our lessons & skills pages

Whitewater Kayaking Taster

90 Minutes  - £35 per person

White Water kayak taster is one of our most exciting fun sessions.  We absolutley love these Whitewater Sit on top Kayaks; they make the River Dee huge amounts of fun and none of the hassles of falling in. You just flip them over and climb back on.


We start the kayak taster on an easy flat section of river right next to our centre here in Llangollen here your instructor will help you get to grips with some basic skills, then off we go.

We run down classic rapids such as Tombstones, Ski Jump, and Factory Falls.  Add in some seal launching, surfing waves and belly kayaking and you have an amazing way to play on the river.

Suitable for all ages 10 and upwards.

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