Marianne Davies - EVENING TALK- Learning in the ugly zone: the importance of play and exploration


Skilled performers seem to delight in engaging at the edges of their ability; trying, failing, trying again, failing again. Like children playing, they are exploring while they are practising.

What is going on when performers develop their skills through play and exploration? When what they have done in the past starts to break down and they find new solutions beginning to emerge? It looks ugly – because at the heart of what these athletes are doing is a movement into their Ugly Zone!”

In this talk, we will explore concepts for understanding what is going on when you can start to play and explore in the ugly zone!

Marianne has over 25 years of experience in a broad range of both equestrian; and recreational, expedition and competitive adventure sports. She has always combined practical coaching work with academia and a passion for research.
Marianne is also very active and influential in developing the future direction of coaching practice. Her engaging style of writing and delivering is having an impact and helping to disseminate academic theory into global practice, in both adventure and traditional sports.
Be prepared to be inspired, challenged and fascinated; excited to get out and incorporate the principles into your own sports performance or coaching practice.

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