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Amazing Adventures in Llangollen, North Wales & Beyond

Basics of  Bushcraft - half day sessions

Half Day session - 9am till 12.30 or 1.30pm till 5pm


Most of our bushcraft is done in the context of Canoe wilderness camping.  So we get in a canoe, paddle till we find a great camp site and then there we set up a tarp shelter to sleep under, and get a fire going so we can cook food, keep warm and have a brew.


This is what this half day is all about.  We canoe along the canal for about 15 minutes, find a good site and then we set up camp.


£58 per person for a half day

Minimum age 7 years


For us, canoe wilderness camping is the definition of bushcraft. You load up a canoe, and travel to where you want to stay, then you set up camp.  Canoes have been linked with camping and wilderness camping for centuries and we just feel its the perfect experience.

So about 15 minutes of canoeing down the gorgeous Llangollen canal till we find somewhere wild to set up camp.

First thing we need to do is set up shelter.  So we look at tarp shelters and get those up to protect us from the elements.  Then its getting a fire going.  So we can have clean water,  heat and cook food.    Once the fire is lit, we wil use a kelly kettle and get a hot drink on the go. As well as toasting marshmallows.   Then its decamp and back in the canoes for the journy home

So Why us?

Our instructors teach bushcraft through all seasons of the year, in a variety of locations over the world, including Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand, France, Scotland etc. We know what makes it easy, fun, and can teach  you the tricks that we haev learnt. Our staff have worked for lots of bushcraft companies including Ray Mears's woodlore.

Why Llangollen

Llangollen and the surrounding North Wales area is the perfect venue. Stunning picturesque venues. Lovely woodlands and within easy travelling distance from many parts of the UK. On top of that we have awesome food and accomodation options all on our doorstep.


Available Any day of the year.

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