Whitewater Body Boating

90 Minutes  - £35 per person

Exclusive to TNR. Bodyboating is this awesome new addition to the adventures offered on the River Dee. It is the perfect mix of excitement and adventure. 


Using our specialist bodyboats, you will experience the rapids of the River Dee in extreme POV getting the best thrill from the safety of a full-length bodyboard.

Similar to kayaking – but completely different, you’ll tackle the rapids Tombstones, Ski Slope & Factory Falls from a totally new vantage! Lying on your front!!

Suitable for all ages 10 and upwards.

Half Day Body Boating

3 Hours  - £58 per person

A 3-hour adventure down the Llangollen River Dee. 

This awesome new addition to the adventures offered in Llangollen running the rapids from the mighty serpent’s tail down to our home at the Mile End Mill whitewater site.

Surfing waves and experiencing the multiple rapids and small drops of the River Dee with the best Point of View, lying on your front level with the water and action!!

All on our specialist bodyboats under the watchful eye of your whitewater guide.

Suitable for ages 10 and upwards