On this two day whitewater canoe skills course we will look at a range of skills and techniques in the grade II environment including:


- Efficient power generation and transfer


- Using trim to make your turns more effective


- Using river features to make crossing the flow easier


- Timing your strokes to make you more efficient (and look cool!)


- Surfing waves and stoppers - how to have more fun!


- Running those harder rapids - tactics and confidence


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Amazing Adventures in Llangollen, North Wales & Beyond

British Canoe Progressive Canoe Award

28/29th April 2022  -  £180 per person  

- Did you complete your Three Star or Canoe Award and want more whitewater?

- Do you want to progress your personal whitewater skills?


The jump from 3* to 4* (or Canoe Leader as it is now called) is quite sharp and we find people quite often who come on these leadership courses wanting personal coaching on grade two rather than to learn about leadership styles and strategy.

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