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British Canoeing Coach Assessment


The British Canoeing Coach assessment is all about you showing us that you are at the standard for the award.  Its a 1 day assessment where we look at your teaching, leadership and safety.

Paper work on the day is minimal and during the run up to the assessment we will help you through all the stages you need to achieve.


1 Day Assessment -  £160 All kit provided if needed.

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What happens

The one day assessment starts a few weeks prior to the assessment date.   We chat about your venue choice and students, as the assessment should be on a venue chosen by yourself, with students that you have been teaching.  

Then we check you through your pre- requistes

British Canoeing member

Registered for the Award

Done relevant DST

Completed E- Learning

Successfully done the assessment check in

Assessment discussion Task is discussed


We then create a plan for the assessment day which is normally fairly simple and follows the approx process of-

Meet at venue; chat to you; chat to students; watch your coaching sessions; watch you do a sample of rescues; have a de brief.


 Our aim is to make it as stessless as possible

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