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What ever you require from a team building day, we can sort it for you

We have been organising and running team building events and coporate away days for many years.  We have desgined and run them for other companies and for ourselves. This has given us a broad depth and knowledge of what works and doesnt work. Which we will use when we discuss with yourself what you are specifically after or out to achieve.

Our trainers hae all worked in a variety of corporate businesses from Childcare, teaching, IT, retail, and the service and hospitality trade as well as fully qualifedoutdoor instructors. This enables us to be able to understand your working environment btter and relate the activites and learning outcomes to your staffs day to day work. Which will make the learnig more relevant and thereofre much more robust as a result.


There are mountains f research into why a team buildiing, away day has benefits to your business and there are links at the bottom of this page to some ofthose articles. But we all know that taking people out of the normal day to day environment, and allowing them to look at problems with a differnent mind set has huge benefits.  Alternatively if its a celebration of a job well done by the team, or time to make closer bonds. All of these make coming here a worthwhile process.

Do you want a challenging event? or a bonding fun adventure? Is it to be a half day, full day, 2 day or more? Physical or mental, or maybe a bit of both.  Once we have chatted we will put together a plan and suggestions and then we can tailor it from there.

How about a favourite of one of our regular clients -  a 4 day event out in the south of france linking wine tasting, white water canoeing and climbing all to look at self belief, modelling and the use of questions.

Team Building & Away Days

Previous corporate clients who we have delivered training for includes

Chester Zoo

Spring Coaching

Frankie and Bennies

United Norwest Coop


Womans institute


Bangor on dee residents society


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