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Amazing Adventures in Llangollen, North Wales & Beyond

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Gorge Walking

Gorge walking in North Wales is an exhilarating outdoor activity, it is the unmatched adventure activity for those that want to see some of the most awe-inspiring sights  North Wales has hidden away. You will descend into a truly lost kingdom full of nature and adventure, experiencing the rush of adrenalin as you clamber over rocks, jump in to pools and abseil down water falls.  All under the care of fully qualified and experienced instructors.

Half Day Experience  £58 per person

Available any day of the year for 2 or more people. 

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Gorge Walking/ Gorge Scrambling or Canyoning- Climbing, Sliding, Jumping, squeezing & Abseiling down a river  

The gorges of north wales are truly amazing places. Deep dark canyons with cool flowing water, rocks to slide down & mammoth boulders to climb around, small jumps and giant leaps, with abseils down waterfalls, this is truly adventure at its best.


Your Safety is our priority, our friendly and experienced instructors will set the pace to give you and your group challenge and fun. Gorge walking is the perfect activity for anyone seeking adventure, friends, family, Stag & Hen or youth groups.


One of our most enjoyed sessions. 100% excellent feedback.

Minimum age 7 years.