British Canoeing Coach Core Training


The British Canoeing Coach is an amazing award, aimed for people who want to run coaching at a variety of levels.   Whether you are teaching complete beginners or more advanced paddlers on white water, then the coach award is relevenat to you.

You have to do this 2 day core training course before you can do a 2 day discipline specifc training course.

On this 2 day core course, we will look at how we profile students to work out what they need, we work on various ways to teach people and the benefits of various styles.  We look at differing feedback mechanisms, and practise structures to help students develop and improve even when not with us.

at the end of the course we will help you with an action plan to get you ready for discipline spefic training.

£180 per person which incudes all necessary kit and instruction.
Free camping is available on site too.

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