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Half Day of Spoon Carving - half day or evenings

One of the most satisfying things we teach folk on our bushcraft courses is to be able to make their own wooden spoon. To be able to select a suitable stick, split it and carve  useable useful spoon from it.

This spoon carving session will do just that in a half day or evening.


£48.00 per person 

including all specialist kit and Instruction


So Why us?

Our instructors teach bushcraft through all seasons of the year, in a variety of locations over the world, including Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand, France, Scotland etc. We know what makes it easy, fun, and can teach  you the tricks that we haev learnt. Our staff have worked for lots of bushcraft companies including Ray Mears's woodlore.


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Available Any day of the year.

Why Not make a day of It?

  • Have a look at the other activies we can offer you.

  • We can even sort you accomodation  out to


Spend an evening carving your very own spoon, learning knife skills and creating your very own piece of art to take home. Spend cold winter evenings in the warmth of our centre, or glorious summer days within our fantastic grounds.

You will learn about different types of wood and how to make the best selection for your mini project, safe and efficient and axe knife work including different types of knives, wood working skills such as splitting and different knife grips.

The emphases is to give you a good fun introduction to green wood carving as well as setting you up to take the hobby onward.  




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