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Half Day session - 9am till 12.30 or 1.30pm till 5pm

Our Half Day climbing and Abseiling session is aimed at getting you off the ground( literally) in the hands of our friendly & experienced instructors

This intro to climbing wil be tailored to you and your group, we'll give you the confidence and skills to succeed and reach new heights Come and experience the best of North Wales Climbing.

£48 per person 

Climbing and abseiling


Half day Climbing sessions typically start with some bouldering which is low level climbing.  This helps to get you warmed up and feeling the rocks. It's great fun as its all about balance and getting to grips with rock climbing, but all at a safe low level, and with close supervision from our instructors.


Then we'll show you the ropes and all the safety equipment and you'll climb a variety of routes that will challenge you and gradually increase your confidence each time.


To finish? Its the grand finale -  a 100ft abseil overlooking the dee valley and Castle Dinas Bran.

So Why us?

We have been teaching Climbing and abseiling for over 20 years.

not just here in north wales but in The Peak District as well as France.


Why Llangollen  and North Wales?

We have a huge range of climbs and venues to choose from with stunning scenery, lots of places to stay and loads of places to eat and drink afterwards too.

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Available Any day of the year for 2 or more people 

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Climbing & Abseiling

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