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Full Day session - 0900-1630

A full day of climbing where we aim to do as much climbing as possible, progressing you to climb higher and more technical climbs throughout the day.

On top of that we will introduce you to basic rigging skills and the use of guidebooks. This is what North Wales Climbing is all about.


Available Any day of the year for 2 or more people from £96.

Climbing and abseiling

Our Full Day Rock Climbing session is about getting you out on North Wales rock and improving your climbing throughout the day. Whether you’ve never climbed before, just done a taster or have climbed on an indoor wall and want to get on to real rock this is the day for you.

Your qualified instructor will give you ample coaching on technique allowing you to get the most out of the day, by the end of the session you will be reading the rock as well navigating climbing guide books to find your personal suitable and challenging climbs

A beautiful, full on Day in the gorgeous scenery of The Dee Valley, climbing on Clwyd Limestone Crags. Learning, trying, challenging and above all having fun.

This is the day where you become a climber.

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Full day of Climbing and Abseiling

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