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2 day Bushcraft

Our 2 day bushcraft course is all about getting comfortable being outside. Its not about roughing it or surviving on no food. Its about understanding how to be comfortable, warm and happy while being outside for the weekend


Our instructors are hugely knowledgeable and will teach you everything that you need to know.

2 full days and a night out in the woodlands.


£220 per person including all specialist kit, necessary food and Instruction

fire lighting

The 2 day Bushcraft course is all about getting to grips with being comfortable in the woodlands. We will look at tarp set ups, Fire lighting, Water filtration, debris shelter building, Cooking set ups. Trout Prep, Rabbit skinning and prep, spoon carving and much much more.


What is great about the 2 day bushcraft course is that Friday night you sleep fairly rough under a tarp, but by saturday night you will have created a comfy home from home, eating a full cooked dinner that you prepared, made the fire and cooked over it .  And by sunday morning you are fully self sufficient and able to camp out with the minimum of kit


Doesnt get better than that really does it.


rabbit DSC00056

Available Any time of the year for 2 or more people.

So Why us?

Our instructors teach bushcraft through all seasons of the year, in a variety of locations over the world, including Sweden, Kenya, New Zealand, France, Scotland etc. We know what makes it easy, fun, and can teach  you the tricks that we have learnt.

Why Llangollen and North Wales?

Llangollen nd the surrounding north Wales area is the perfect venue. Stunning picturesque venues. Lovely woodlands and within easy travelling distance from many parts of the UK. On top of that we have awesome food and accomodation options all on our doorstep.

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